Fabian J. Rodriguez


BI Analyst / Software Engineer

DB Schenker

August 2018 - Present

OMS - Training/Audit Documentation Manger

  • Directed implementation and deployment of the system, reducing a minimum of 500 monthly labor hours.
  • Designed, documented, and developed web-based software application to save over 200k yearly.
  • Lead transition from Django, to DRF and Next JS Frontend in the span of 1 month.
  • Planned and engineered over 200 RESTful endpoints to extract data.
  • Reduced 85% of manually data collection and reporting by implementing a dashboard feature.
  • Created 100+ accurate and successful test scripts to manage automated testing.
  • Improved render time by 25% by transferring filtering from the client side to the server side.
  • Analyzed and vetted the data collected to ensure data was a 100% accurate.

VAST – Warehouse Productivity Tracker

  • Collaborated with 2 team members in the transition from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • Communicated with internal teams, and lead meetings regarding the development progress.
  • Automated 100+ test cases using Cypress based on user stories.
  • Presented and transitioned design to meet company standards, maintaining accessibility colors at 7:1 ratio.
  • Diagnosed excessive re-renders with React DevTools and WDYR reducing re-renders from 6+ to 1.
  • Refactored code blocks optimizing time complexity from O(n2) to O(n), increasing performance by at least 2x.
  • Trained, guided, and provided documentation to 40+ employees from different departments


Manchester, NH

Southern New Hampshire University

January 2020 – Present

  • Major: BS Computer Science with concentration in Software Engineering
  • Minor: Project Management. In-major GPA: 3.5

Programming Coursework: Software Development Life CycleApp DevelopmentSystem Analysis and DesignData Structures & AlgorithmsAI & MLUI/UX Design and Development

Technical Experience

- August 2022 - Present

  • Designed and deployed web-based application that features a job board, and resume builder.
RustPythonSQLTypescriptTailwind CSS

- June 2021 – Present

  • Personal blog-like website to write technical articles about data structures, algorithms, and Big O notation.
JavaScript (Next JS)Rust Python

- September 2022

  • Developed and released desktop app where users can bulk rename files based on patterns. Authored documentation to demonstrate open-source collaboration. Configured CI/CD pipeline to automate releases with GitHub Actions.
Rust (Tauri)JavaScript (React)ViteGithub Actions

Languages and Technologies

(Proficient): PythonJavascript(Familiar): SQLRustTypescript(Novice): JavaC++
(Proficient): VS CodePyCharmGitUnixVIM(Familiar): DockerIntellij